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St. Gertrude Parish is called by God to live, teach and serve as Jesus did.  The parish exists to enable all it’s members both young and old, to deepen their relationship with God and to help others both within the parish and in the world to draw closer to god and one another, thus becoming a community of believers living the Gospel message.


The History of St. Gertrude Parish

     Germans settled the town of Des Allemands in 1721. Long before a church building existed in Des Allemands, Mass was celebrated in the homes of several parishioners and occasionally in the school building by a priest from Holy Rosary church in Taft. Riding on horseback, train, or boat he tended to the needs of his extended flock, recording baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Then in 1901, a mission chapel was built along the bayou on the site of our present cemetery.

    St. Gertrude Church, as we know it today, became a parish on June 25, 1955, with its first resident priest, Reverend Joseph B, Pooley. Durning his service of 19 years, the present church was built with the groundbreaking ceremony held on September 30, 1956. The rectory was added in 1963.

    The second pastor of St. Gertrude, Reverend William McCallion, came to us on September 14, 1974, and spearheaded the formation of the Catfish Festival, which was first held in 1975. Des Allemands was declared the "Catfish Capital of the Universe." The festival has served our church well providing financial support to our small church parish. Father "Mac" as he was affectionately known, died on March 23, 1984, leaving the community heartbroken. Mourners packed St. Gertrude church and cemetery where he was laid to rest in the community, which he had come to love.

    Soon after, Reverend Paul Lamberty came to tend the spiritual needs of our parish. In 1987 he was called to serve the Archdiocese in another capacity. Father Eugene Jaques then led our parish until 1988 when Father Edward Grice came to pastor our congregation. We shard Father "Ed" with the United States Army's sevicemen and women at Fort Polk during the Gulf War. In 1996, he was reassigned to a bigger parish. Father Steven Leszczynski served our community for a short time, he left a big impression on our hearts. Father Donald O'Donnell was our pastor from 1997-1999. When Father O'Donnell left, we were blessed with Reverend Benjamin Quang. The community was devasted when Father "Ben" drowned in a fishing accident on December 6, 2001. His funeral was one of the most moving ceremonies ever to occur at St. Gertrude. Hundreds of mourners, walked the mile from the church to the burial site next to Father "Mac" in the church cemetery near the bayou.

    Reverend James Nquyen Bach came to us on January 5, 2003, he severed our parish with love and devotion. He lead us to a deeper understanding our our Lord's desire for us to serve Him and each other. Father Bach left us in September 2008.

    Father Joseph Duc Dzien joined our parish in September 2008 and servers as our Pastor through November 2013. July 2011 Father Edward Lauden joined our parish as Parochiol Vicar and served our parish through June 2013.

   July 2013 Father Ray A. Hymel joined our parish July 2013 as our Parochiol Vicar through November 2013 when we welcomed Fr. Ray A. Hymel as our new Pastor on December 1, 2013.                 

    In addition to the devoted priest who have served St. Gertrude, the parish was fortunate to have had Deacon Landry Matherne who had unselfishly served St. Gertrude and our Pastors until his death on March 16,2012.

    We have truly been blessed at St. Gertrude by the service of these spirit-filled men. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless us in the years that lie ahead. God Bless